Photo Gallery of Race 1 – The Irish Runner 5 Mile 2012

Hi all!

So, we did it! The first race of my six is over with now five more to go towards the Marathon in October. Today was great fun, with so many people out running with us. 16 in total, amazing! We had more in support too on the sidelines, which really added to the day. We all finished it in respectable times… some a little quicker than others like Stephen and Niall! What a great buzz.

Mary passed me after a short time, proving she’s been training harder then she told me! Adrian H, Harry and Willy set off at the front and did great times. Ann and Martin powered over the line in a way quicker time then they had anticipated too. Regina and Arlene with Jennifer and Aoife crossed the line with plenty more left in the tank as you can see from the pics. I did around 56 minutes which I was happy with considering I’d been unable to train for a couple of weeks… and probably too many late nights on me recent hols. Brian, Aoife, Ritchie & Philomena looked like they could have done it again from the pic at the end.

Thanks so much Helena and Marie for all the help on the day and Karen, Lisa, Mia and Eabha there cheering us all on too!

Thanks for the support. I also collected some more money which brings us up and up again towards a total that I could have only dreamed of.


Final Total Announced

Our final total is in. €8,421 raised for the Irish Cancer Society. Thank you so so much to every single person who donated to The Irish Cancer Society through

Thanks to everyone who supported me along the sidelines and the roads during my races. Thanks to everyone who ran some races with me. Thanks to everyone who did their own fundraising events and campaigns for Thanks to Regina for listening to my moaning of aches and pains and for being the greatest person that’s ever lived. Thanks to Ann for supporting me from the moment I ran the idea past her. And thanks to the man behind it all, my inspiration for every mile and my true friend, Paddy. We love you man.

The Big Idea

To run the following 6 races and raise money for the Irish Cancer Society in memory of Paddy Supple

  • 5 mile (8 km) race in June
  • 10 km race in July
  • 10 mile (16 km) race in August
  • Half marathon in September
  • 20 mile (32 km) in October
  • Full marathon in October

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    Some people have said that they might run (or walk) the 1st race with me and maybe even the second one too... some even said they'd do more then 2 races, but that was on a night out! You can register for the races by clicking here. Let me know if you sign up and we'll meet up on the race day.

    Not a runner or a walker? No hassle! If you have any other ideas on how you can help get in touch today... we need all the help we can get to make this big for Paddy!
    All money raised by you, my supporters, will be donated to the great work of the
    All money raised goes to Irish Cancer Society

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