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Marathon Complete – But not exactly as planned :o)

Yesterday, I ran the Dublin City Marathon….the challenge that I set myself back in April is complete and the promise I made to Paddy fulfilled. And with it close to €6,500 raised for the Irish Cancer Society in his memory… with some more sponsor cards to be sent back still.

Unfortunately I was around an hour outside what I’d planned to run it in. I picked up a stomach bug that’s effected everyone in my house last week… on Sunday night. The timing could not have been worse. I had to make a good few unscheduled breaks in the race, which killed any hope of the time I had trained for. I was in, eh, a great deal of discomfort for the duration to say the least!

But to be very honest, only for this challenge and for all the money raised  by generosity of people I would have stayed in bed yesterday morning. Only for the belief of family and friends I would not even have attempted it. I was feeling awful. But I put mind-over-matter I completed the 26.2 miles that I’d promised I would. Medal to prove it!

Here are a few pics from the day:

Thanks for all the support along the way….

Just a word of thanks to everyone who was there along the route yesterday in so many places. Regina and Arlene were in about 5 places. Mary on her bike nearly did it with me! Steen and Deirdre the same. Caitriona was there too. Ray and Viv, Declan, Elizabeth and all the Doolans, Fiona, Luke and the kids and Ann, Elaine, my kids and Elaine’s too. Rebecca and Aiden too! Thanks so so much… it got me through. Thanks to the extended family who were at all the races in the park, you can see them from the  photos page

Thanks to Ann for going along with me on this representation of Paddy when I came up with the idea, and for believing it was going to be a success in his name.

Thanks too to my mates who, from experience, gave me great insight into this whole thing. Stephen, Rob, Ray, Joe and Barry… thanks for all the info during the challenge.

Thanks as well to everyone who actually ran some of the races in the challenge and raised money! You can see from the pics on the photos page who they are… amazing support from good friends and family too. Niall, Brian Mc, Stephen, Brian C, Aiden, Mary, Regina, Arlene, Ann, Helena, Martin, Adrian, Willie and Harry.

Thanks to Mary for a massive fund raising campaign of her own for this, and to Caitriona, Maria, Orla and Nessa who ran the mini marathon for the cause. To Lorraine Boyle also for her fundraising efforts

Thanks to everyone who’s donated so far to the Irish Cancer Society. My own family and friends and all the relatives, neighbours and mates too on Regina’s side and the Grange Woodbine centre for being a collection point.

Thanks to my Dad for sorting the campaign posters as only he can.

Finally thanks to Regina, who has listened to me moan about this pain and that, listening to what distances I’ve covered and still needed to and for giving me the total free reign to just leave all the important stuff behind and get training. Regina was also at every race with me.

Please forgive me if I’ve missed anyone by name… I’m still a bit detached from reality today!


Massive Thanks to Caitriona

Want to send a huge Thank You to Caitriona Geraghty for pledging a large donation of over €200 to the appeal for the Irish Cancer Society. This was the result of her own personal fundraising efforts when running the Dublin Wonens Mini Marathon this year for the cause. Thank you so much Caitriona, for the donation and for going through the race distance also!

Brigitta in Beaumont Physiotherapy – Wonder Woman

Just want to give a mention to Brigitta in Beaumont Physiotherapy ( who has got me through alot of niggles and pains in the last 4 months. She’s a bit of an expert at knees and lower leg pains! I’ve had some knee tendon issues since the Athlone three quarter marathon 2 weeks ago, but should be all ironed out now for the marathon.

Highly recommended, she is located just opposite the Beaumont House pub if anyone is looking for her.

Athlone 3 Quarter Marathon 2012

I did it! Second last race complete. Yesterday I ran (sorry, jogged) the Athlone 20 miler (32km) non stop and got the medal to prove it! 3 weeks now to the big one.

Well done to Niall and Brian who also completed yesterdays race.

As If She Hasn’t Done Enough….

As if she hasn’t done enough to help already, my great friend Mary donned the “Run For Paddy” t shirt again this morning and completed the Simon Community 5 Miles in the Phoenix park. Mary coordinated a powerful fun raising campaign on her own for Run For Paddy and personally raised over a grand for my challenge. But she did more then that, she also wanted to take part in the challenge… and trained from not being able to run more than 300 meters at the start, to completing some of the races with me. Thanks for everything Mary, and well done again today:

Final Total Announced

Our final total is in. €8,421 raised for the Irish Cancer Society. Thank you so so much to every single person who donated to The Irish Cancer Society through

Thanks to everyone who supported me along the sidelines and the roads during my races. Thanks to everyone who ran some races with me. Thanks to everyone who did their own fundraising events and campaigns for Thanks to Regina for listening to my moaning of aches and pains and for being the greatest person that’s ever lived. Thanks to Ann for supporting me from the moment I ran the idea past her. And thanks to the man behind it all, my inspiration for every mile and my true friend, Paddy. We love you man.

The Big Idea

To run the following 6 races and raise money for the Irish Cancer Society in memory of Paddy Supple

  • 5 mile (8 km) race in June
  • 10 km race in July
  • 10 mile (16 km) race in August
  • Half marathon in September
  • 20 mile (32 km) in October
  • Full marathon in October

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