Photos Page Created On The Website

I’ve created a photos page on the website so you can see the photos of all the races so far in the challenge in one place. You can click here or use the menu on the top right to see the page.

Only 3 Days To Go Until Race Number 3

This Saturday morning (25th August) at 10am my third race in the challenge takes place in the Phoenix Park; the 10 mile/16km event. With the exception of a few sore muscles, sore knees and other niggles that are to be expected at this stage, the training schedule is going to plan. This week (week 7) sees 42km of running and 60km of cycling.

That’s my end of the challenge, so it would be GREAT if you could help to spread the word on by even posting in your status the following: “Visit or find them on Facebook to read all about a great challenge, for a great cause in memory of a great man”.

We are getting close to €5,000 now for the Irish Cancer Society… but we need more and more people to know about to make this challenge worthwhile and to achieve it’s full potential for this great cause,

Thanks so much,


Thanks so far to the Grange Woodbine Residents

I just updated the sponsorship page with the proceeds so far from the Grange Woodbine residents which we’ve received via the community centre collection point. Thank’s to this we have just passed the €4,500 mark for the Irish Cancer Society. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Paddy Barnes Tweets RunForPaddy Hours Before His Olympic Fight

Took to Twitter again today for RunForPaddy in the hope some celebrities might help me spread the word about what this is all about. And another Paddy, Paddy Barnes, tweeted about RunForPaddy from inside the Olympic’s hours before his big fight.

Paddy Barnes Tweet

Have you been thinking?

If you’ve been thinking “I must donate to RunForPaddy soon” it would be just amazing if you could go to and do it now. 100% of funds go to the Irish Cancer Society and it’ll make such a massive difference them… and we would appreciate it so much.

Thanks a million times over,


It’s Official – Ann Supple Is Number 1

Proud, proud, proud!!

This morning Ann got a prize in the post for coming 1st in the Fingal 10km in her age group. Yip, number 1. Well done Ann. Could not be more proud!

Ann Supple - Number 1

Large increase in website visitors on Race day – Sunday!

Website Visitors Peak For Raceday

Just had a look at the website statistics this morning. Over 400 people came to the site on Sunday alone! People are seeing the t-shirts on Race days then visiting the website to see what this great challenge is all about. It’s to supoprt a great cause in memory of a great man… and this visitor peak is exactly what is all about. Letting people know just how much Paddy means to us. Thanks to everyone for their support so far.

Photos from Swords Fingal 10km 2012 – Completed!

So, race 2 of the challenge is done and dusted. Great day in Swords for the Fingal 10km, albeit a bit warmer and more humid then we wanted. A few more tough hills in the mid sections then we’d hoped for too… but enough excuses and complaints! Really enjoyed the morning. Had superb support with loads of friends and family there running and some there to cheer us on too. Have to say well done to Stephen for an insane time of 45 minutes, to Aiden who did 48 minutes and Niall who did 48 minutes also…. impressive stuff. Ray did it in 55, even though he told me he missed some training … and there was me  happy enough with my time of 67 minutes, as I sit here with an ice pack on my knee! Regina and Arlene powered home and as you can see from the photos they had much more to give….looking good for the next race of 16km ladies! Regina took a whole 20 minutes off her 2012 mini-marathon 10km time…. proud! And Ann and Helena looked in complete comfort as they crossed the 10km finish line… even time for a few posing photos en-route and getting their names called out over the PA. Great buzz!

A massive thanks to Eoin and Anne-Claire who had the hardest task of the day in minding our 3 kids, so appreciate that guys. I think Isabelle wants to move in with you two! And great to see Declan, Karen and Lisa making themselves heard too! Tony and Peter, cheers for coming in to support us. Thanks to Steen for being there and sorting the photos for me. Mary, we missed you… hope the injury is on the mend!

Here are some pics of the madness.. some of these are from Peter Mooney’s Photo Stream on Flickr

Boom! 4 Thousand Euro Made For The Irish Cancer Society

Today we reached another massive milestone

Last month we had 1,300 visitors from 23 countries to the website!

The PR is working. Did you know that in the last week had 1,300 visitors from 23 countries? And from our statistics I can tell that people spent an average of 6 minutes on the website. This shows a great level of engagement with the people who have found the site, all about the RunForPaddy challenge.

  • Ireland (71% of visits)
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Australia
  • India
  • Spain
  • Norway
  • France
  • Colombia
  • New Zealand
  • Portugal
  • Cambodia
  • Luxembourg
  • Malta
  • Malaysia
  • Pakistan
  • Senegal
  • Thailand
  • South Africa

Final Total Announced

Our final total is in. €8,421 raised for the Irish Cancer Society. Thank you so so much to every single person who donated to The Irish Cancer Society through

Thanks to everyone who supported me along the sidelines and the roads during my races. Thanks to everyone who ran some races with me. Thanks to everyone who did their own fundraising events and campaigns for Thanks to Regina for listening to my moaning of aches and pains and for being the greatest person that’s ever lived. Thanks to Ann for supporting me from the moment I ran the idea past her. And thanks to the man behind it all, my inspiration for every mile and my true friend, Paddy. We love you man.

The Big Idea

To run the following 6 races and raise money for the Irish Cancer Society in memory of Paddy Supple

  • 5 mile (8 km) race in June
  • 10 km race in July
  • 10 mile (16 km) race in August
  • Half marathon in September
  • 20 mile (32 km) in October
  • Full marathon in October

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    Some people have said that they might run (or walk) the 1st race with me and maybe even the second one too... some even said they'd do more then 2 races, but that was on a night out! You can register for the races by clicking here. Let me know if you sign up and we'll meet up on the race day.

    Not a runner or a walker? No hassle! If you have any other ideas on how you can help get in touch today... we need all the help we can get to make this big for Paddy!
    All money raised by you, my supporters, will be donated to the great work of the
    All money raised goes to Irish Cancer Society

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